On the tragic loss of Leelah Alcorn

As there continues to be coverage of the tragic loss of Leelah, we need to take the moment to challenge the dominant discourses on bullying and own that gender policing is all around us. We each do it. We may not realize we are doing, but we do. We need to think about the ways we reinforce narrow expectations for binary gender, the ways we expect bodies and genders and sexualities to align in certain ways, and the ways we shut down avenues for challenge to those. We need to be open to seeing ourselves as part of problem and own our responsibility to act to create room in the world for genders/bodies/sexualities in exist in multiple forms.

This Facebook post from the Queering Education Research Institute really resonated with me. It’s easy to blame religious conservatives, but this is about all of us.

Yes, those “firefighter” and “police officer” costumes are awful, but…

I was totally on board with this article until I wasn’t. Yes these “firefighter” and “police officer” costumes for little girls are sexist and awful, and I think it’s great that Raina Delisle wrote about this and succeeded in getting Value Village to remove the costumes. But some of the arguments in here are just… Continue reading Yes, those “firefighter” and “police officer” costumes are awful, but…

On Compliments and Raising “Polite” Little Girls

Here’s a question for parents of little girls: do you encourage your daughters to say thank you when strangers tell them they look pretty? I am really resistant to doing so because I think it’s training them to expect and tolerate unsolicited comments on their looks, to learn to ‘take a compliment’ — basically preparing… Continue reading On Compliments and Raising “Polite” Little Girls